Some people might still be feeling festive after St. Patrick’s Day, but it won’t be long before Easter. And beauty brands are already preparing. Lush launched its Easter range filled with some old favorites and L’Occitane dropped some hand-painted eggs with special goodies inside. I Heart Revolution is also celebrating by launching budget-friendly Easter eggs that open up to reveal makeup palettes.

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We’ve seen some adorable makeup palettes and the I Heart Revolution Surprise Eggs ($8.99) are definitely up there. The shiny pastel eggs are adorable from the outside, but they’re even better when you open them up to reveal eyeshadows and highlighters. Each egg contains two highlighters and five eyeshadows in adorable egg shapes.

It’s going to be tough choosing a favorite among the eggs because there are some gorgeous options. The blue egg is a Mermaid Surprise Egg which features different blue shadows for a mer-mazing finish. The pink one is an Angel Surprise Egg with appropriate soft tones. If you cannot get enough pink, there’s the Rose Gold Surprise Egg which comes in a rose gold egg shell with shades to match inside. Those wanting some fire can try the red egg which is a Dragon Surprise Egg filed with bold shades. Bling lovers can reach for the gold egg which is rightly named the Gold Surprise Egg and comes with rich metallic shades. Of course, no collection would be complete with the Unicorn Surprise Egg. The last one comes in a pale purple package with shimmering purple eyeshadows and highlighters.

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As much as people love chocolate eggs, we have to admit that the I Heart Revolution’s surprise makeup eggs give them plenty of competition. At less than $10, there’s also not that much of a difference between the makeup versions and the edible variety.

What one are you going to choose?