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People shouldn’t bother with stylists, they should just outsource all their fashion and beauty questions to the Internet. Last week I was faced with a perplexing issue of what to do with my face for a big, fabulous goth ball in Belgium. The event was spectacular and everyone was beautifully dressed–especially this one woman who made herself a gorgeous copy of an Alexander McQueen coat and artist Anne van Stormbroek, who sculpted her own face in miniature porcelain doll masks and covered a nun’s collar with them. All the wonderfully over-the-top fashion definitely made me feel a little under dressed, even though I was wearing 12 pounds of sequins and a crystal tiara. Tiaras are great and all, but it’s tough to beat a red taffeta Alexander McQueen cape.  

My makeup, however, turned out pretty cool, thanks to you guys.

For decades now I’ve had a problem with undershooting my eye makeup. I always intend to be big and over the top, but I always wind up looking distressingly neutral in photos afterwards. Last week I asked The Gloss readers what I should do with my makeup, and most of the poll results said I should copy this 1920s-inspired ad from Illamasqua.


JennyWren, however, had some spot-on analysis of the look and suggested taking it in more of a pre-Raphaelite inspired direction with some bronze and gold tones.

“I honestly don’t think any of these go with the dress, and they all seem a little literal…what I thought of immediately was Rosetti’s paintings Lady Lilith and Venus Verticordia. I’m thinking a cloud of bronze-gold eyeshadow, bronze eyeliner, bright-pink consumptive cheeks, and either nude or wine-red lips- I found these images on a google search for pre-raphelite inspired makeup and I think with your coloring something like this would look stunning!”

She’s totally right about going with the dress, and I adore the pre-Raphaelite style, so I decided to do a fusion of the two looks. I followed the Pixiwoo Illamasqua tutorial, but I used bronze and gold shadows and a dark bronze eyeliner, and I went with a very bright pink cheek for that “consumptive” look. But I followed the Pixiewoo tutorial for a dark eyeliner and false eyelashes along the lower lash line.

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Goth parties are dark and moody and not great for lighting, but at least I got one in the hotel before heading off to the smoke-filled monastery.

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I like wearing lower lashes. I want to do that every day now. (My main goal in life is to look like a sad Victorian doll.)

I went with Chanel Vamp lipstick, and I also took JennyWren’s idea and changed my hair. Originally I had been planning on wearing a short, dark wig, but when she mentioned the pre-Raphaelites, I decided to run with that and wear a long, curly red one instead.

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So thanks everyone for the feedback! I might not be able to dress myself, but at least you guys are here so I don’t have to.

(Photos: Instagram/AmbienceChaser)