Normally, I make it a point not to talk about private lady business, but I heard about the special gingerbread cookie scented wax at Strip: Ministry of Waxing and it sounded so odd – and so whimsical! So delectable! So like the beauty treatment equivalent of this guy!:

gingerbread bikini wax

Totally hairless down there, like a Sphinx cat.

That I thought, “oh, hell, give it a go and write about it”. So I am.

I don’t know precisely what I expected, but, as I lay there, clutching this little stress ball in the shape on a monkey they give you (nice touch) I kept thinking about the Chinese legend of Xiang Fei, “the fragrant concubine.”

Supposedly she lived during the 18th century Manchu dynasty, and her natural fragrance was so great that it emanated from all of her orifices. In a good way. She smelt delicious, whatever that means to people.

Gingerbread cookies, probably. Though the wax also comes in strawberry and chocolate scents.

My favorite scent is probably steak, but I fear we digress.

The Manchu emperor killed Xiang Fei’s husband – supposedly a Muslim leader – and made her his concubine, bathing her unnecessarily in camel’s milk the whole time (I have never understood this bit, because, again, the whole point is that she had a natural perfume, and I really think it is just the attempt of some 18th century writers to work out their own camel’s milk fantasies).

So, anyhow, presumably dripping in camel’s milk, Xiang Fei hid a dagger in her sleeve and told all the serving ladies that she was going to kill the emperor to avenge her husband’s death. However because she told everyone, the Emperor’s mother found out. So the dowager Empress allowed Xiang Fei to commit suicide. She hung herself, and the emperor, weeping, clung to her body, which, even dead emanated scent.

She’s still remembered in Chinese opera.

So results of the gingerbread wax were kind of like that, but I would not say it was really like that. But kind of!

And if that doesn’t appeal to you here is this.


Oh. The wax costs $65. I haven’t tried to kill anybody yet – no daggers, sleeveless dress – but maybe later.

Picture via Wiki, Shrek