As someone who lives in New York City, I walk everywhere. Even in times when the subway is right there, I’d rather walk the 10 blocks, than ride underground instead. I like the fresh air, the sights, the sounds and all that stuff that comes with being in the city.

However, as someone who decided she absolutely needed to buy a new pair of heels for her recent trip, I decided to think ahead and prepare with some of that Blister Block I had seen in my local pharmacy. From what I gathered, it’s supposed to prevent those inevitable blisters that come with the awful rubbing of the back of your heels against new shoes. Blisters from new shoes always immediately transport me back to the first day of school — every first day of school to be precise — and that’s just not a memory I want to have.

So with these new shoes on and all gussied up to take on the world, I lathered up on the Blister Block stuff and went roaming. I’ll admit I walked well over three hours today, and I can’t even tell you how many miles it was, but after the first hour, despite multiple applications, that Blister Block failed me.

Trying to pretend that I’m some sort of badass who can withstand all levels of pain I put on a band aid, which I always have on me, and kept on going. However, as we all know band aids, when they’re rubbing against new shoes just get rubbed off. So there I am hobbling along, refusing to take the metro and dismissing all opportunities to grab a cab. I am, after all, a New Yorker! I eat pain for breakfast! Actually I do not, it’s usually some coffee and a toasted English muffin with jam.

As a last ditch effort to try to soothe the pain, and realizing the Blister Block was a scam, I sat myself down and covered my heels, one of which was now bleeding, in lip balm. It was just some no-name random lip balm that I picked up the other day when I overdid it on the sodium and needed to give my lips some extra kick. And you know what? It worked! Yes, the damage had been done on my right heel, but my left heel that was just minutes away from joining it in the valiant effort to stop me in my tracks, ceased to be irritated. It was amazing. So I tossed the Blister Block in the trash, and decided that lip balm is the greatest invention in the world for more than one reason.

Has anyone else tried this, or am I crazy?