Lauren Luke does the best makeup tutorials on the internet. If you are looking for a new look, whether glamorous or more natural, check out here YouTube channel and visit her website at

Recently, she did this tutorial for icy peacock and squid ink blue makeup. I think this look could be fabulous for a winter party or holiday event. The eyes really have that glitzy, icy look that is perfect for wintertime.

Image: Lauren Luke

Image: Lauren Luke

The makeup that Lauren uses includes:

  • My Fierce Violets Porcelain Dust Eye Shadow
  • Ben Nye Eye Shadow (peacock)
  • Ben Nye Eye Shadow (cosmic blue)
  • My Smokey Classics Eye Shadow (twilight ash)
  • Collection 2000 Glitter Liner (hustle)
  • My Sultry Blues Blush (wind flush)
  • MAC Blush (lightscapade)
  • MAC Pencil (jealousy)
  • MAC Plush Lash Mascara
  • L’Oreal Glam Shine Lips (rose blush)