I call mine “cool, pretty good looking guy.” Here he is. Say “hello, cool, pretty good looking guy.”

i dream of u

The idea behind sites like iDreamofU is – maybe, hopefully – to help you identify which traits you find attractive in men, which can help when you’re planning dating profiles and such. However, I call my model “cool, pretty good looking guy” not because I would necessarily chase down this guy if I saw him on the street, but because I managed to make his face look halfway human. Do you know how hard it is to assemble human features that do not make people look like crazy potato-heads? Here. Allow me to demonstrate the “crazy potato-head” look:

I guess what you actually end up taking away from this is “I think I like full lips, but oh, no, whoa, I do not.” Also, if you believe in God, it’s no wonder people looked so weird well up until the 19th century. Scientists can say it was bad diet, but I think it might have just been that it was so hard to make their little potato heads look human. – iDreamofU