Splash masks have become hero products in the skincare game because they condense a traditional masking regimen down to mere minutes. And all you need to do to see results is splash the product on your face while you’re in the shower. They’re the perfect product for time-poor, results-driven people. IGK gets this which is why the haircare brand has launched its own hair version of a splash mask, the IGK PRENUP Instant Spray Hair Mask ($32).

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You might be thinking this sounds suspiciously like a dry shampoo, but it’s not. The PRENUP Instant Spray Hair mask is a nourishing treatment that you apply in the shower, just like your face splash mask. To use it, you first shampoo your hair then squeeze out the excess water. You then apply the mask to your locks from roots to tips using the spray bottle. (The mask has a 360-degree aerosol spray which makes it easy to coat all of our mane.) You then comb the formula through and immediately rinse it off. The lightweight micro-emulsion formula helps nourish hair in minutes. It’s that simple.

If your locks are especially parched, you can leave the mask on for two to three minutes before rinsing it off for a deep hydration treatment courtesy of ingredients like amla oil and cupuacu butter.

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Another benefit of the IGK PRENUP Mask is that unlike your traditional cream hair masks, this one will not lose its effectiveness over time. And it also won’t buildup bacteria from sitting in your shower. It has been designed so that it  maintains the integrity of the formula from the first spray to the last. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about water ruining it.

If you want to see how the IGK PRENUP Instant Spray Hair Mask competes with your other hair masks (and face splash masks), you can pick it up now exclusively at Sephora for $32.