British beauty brand Illamasqua offers this week’s racist blunder: the above ad, featuring the holiday-themed hashtah #ImDreamingOf, the slogan I’m Not Dreaming Of A White Christmas, and the slogan’s implication… a person in blackface (!). Presumably, this was vetted by no one before landing on Facebook.

The image sparked an immediate outcry in the comment thread and the post was subsequently removed. If you visit their Facebook page now, you’ll see neither the image nor an apology. Really? We never thought we’d say this, but they may want to follow Victoria’s Secret‘s lead on this one.

And, since this is a post on blackface, we’d like to preemptively welcome the 2-5% of commenters who come out of the woodwork everytime we post something racist and insist that the offending thing is, in fact, not racist, and we (The Gloss, women, libtards) are part of a vast “PC machine” responsible for destroying this once-great country. Sorry in advance.

(via Jezebel)