I got a message from the funny folks at Old Spice today. It starts out, “I’m typing an email…now I’m voting for a t-shirt…now I’m on a horse…,” in honor of the new Old Spice commercial staring actor Isaiah Mustafa. (That man, on a horse, shirtless, wearing white jeans – oh my).

Have you seen the commercial? It’s recieved close to 3 million hits at YouTubeand there’s an "underground movement" that’s rallying ot get Mustafa on Saturday Night Live. If you’d like to get involved in this movement, via Twitter, be sure to use #isaiahmustafaforSNL with your update.

Old Spice is thrilled with the response their ad has received. They’ve decided to let the fans chose the design of the next t-shirt that they will offer in their swag store at Old Spice.com. If you’d like to vote in "The Shirt Your Chese Should Look Like!" t-shirt poll, then you can access it via the Old Spice fan page at Facebook.

Image credit: Old Spice.com