Jay Manuel, from America’s Next Top Model, and iVillage have come up with a list of beauty trends for Spring 2006:

1. Colorful smoky eyes are in. Plain black smoky eyes are out.

2. Lush, but natural-looking lashes are in. Visibly false lashes are out.

3. Naturally matted skin is in. Dewy, shiny, cakey and overly powdered skin is out.

4. Bronzer is in. Blush is out.

5. Nude shades and shimmery glosses are in. Matte pink, rubies and browns are out.

6. Groomed and styled romantic hair and daring modern takes on the ’60s mod style are in. The verging on unkempt style of 2005 is out.

Ok, I can do all of that. Hasn’t heavily powdered skin been out for quite some time now?