world-flag-manicures As somebody who gets a manicure once a month and tends to just kinda let it chip away in between, I am not a big “nail person.” I would love to be excellent at painting nails, but I have shaky hands and get frustrated easily. However, I thoroughly respect anybody who puts in the time and effort to make their hands all pretty whenever possible — especially when that prettiness includes designs. Highly detailed nail art is crazy-awesome, and anybody who can do it is so incredibly impressive to me.

The woman who did the following nail designs is amazing. I mean, like, really amazing. Not only did she paint her nails with fun colors and fancy designs, she actually made each one into a flag. In fact, she did all the flags of every country in the world by hand, on her own hands. Again, she is amazing.

The artist, a Redditor who goes by the username anjjelikka, post the photo series to Reddit with the caption, “As a result of a promise I made six months ago and 70 hours worth of polish fumes, here are all the flags of the countries of the world on my nails.” That’s right: she painted 225 individual flags using her nails as a canvas. Well, we bow down, anjjelikka, at your absurdly incredible skills.

Since putting up 46 slides (yes, 46!) would be tiresome for clicking, we’ve chosen just a few, but invite — nay, we encourage — you to check out all of her magnificent pics.

[via Reddit]