Different hair trends may come and go, but braids are the go-to summer hairstyle. If your default hairstyle is a side braid and you’re looking to try switching it up, a gorgeous infinity braid is the perfect option.

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Allure reported that infinity braids are sometimes referred to as F8 braids because the braiding technique involves weaving hair over and under a few different sections in a figure eight-motion. That might sound complicated, but it’s not. If you can reasonably do a fishtail braid, you can do an infinity one. It’ll just take a few practice runs to adjust to the new technique.

One of the other benefits about infinity braids is that they work with any hair type and length provided your hair is long enough to be woven back and forth a few times. What’s more, you can create multiple looks using the technique. You can try a small infinity braid in a half updo or you can go for a large one as part of a ponytail.

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If you’re looking for some hairspiration, there are thousands of different hairstyles under the #infinitybraid, #F8 and #f8braid tags. Take a look then get weaving.