Strobing is something that we normally think about for faces, but Instagram beauty queens are proving that the concept can be applied to eyes with some dazzling results with inner eye strobing.

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Refinery29 picked up on the inner eye strobing trend. As the name implies, the look involves drawing attention to the inner corners of the eyes to wake up the entire eye area and make peepers pop. Enhancing the inner corners of the eyes with a light shadow is part of a lot of smokey eyes, but the inner eye strobing trend amplifies it.

옷 갈아 입다가 입술 위에 피그먼트 반띵날라가부렸다 Damnnnnnnnnnnnnn

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Before, we would typically enhance our eyes with an oyster or ivory-colored eyeshadow. With inner eye strobing, you can enhance your eyes with almost anything. Some of the popular looks use bright eyeshadows while others use glitter. And they often really draw it on.

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Inner eye strobing produces completely different results depending on whether the rest of the eye area is left natural, a contrasting eyeshadow is added on the lid or a cat eye flick is drawn on.

There really is no bad combination so start playing around with inner eye strobing for yourself and see what dazzling look you come up with.