I love perfume. But I also hate being a mosquito magnet in the summer. What’s a girl to do? Try out one of these bug-repelling products that won’t also make you smell like DDT.

Insect Repellent Organic Essential Oils Blend

This oil blend, which can be used in a diffuser, doesn’t just ward off mosquitoes – it gets rid of flies and other insects. Plus, if it fails, the substance doubles as itch soother. I’m not sure if mentioning that in the product description was the best idea – yes, it’s great that your product has multiple uses, but you don’t want people thinking one of the uses isn’t as good.

CB Outside Water Perfume

It’s perfume and bug repellent. I haven’t tried smelling this one yet, but it’s promising. Although I’m not sure how perfumey something can be when sold by a company called I Hate Perfume.

Plantlife Lavender Essential Oil

The smell of lavender is known to be a good natural mosquito repellent. My friend Mira took some lavender oil with her on a yoga retreat in Mexico and reported great success. Since she’s opposed to using any nonorganic products, this was a big win for her.