meghan tonjes

A few months ago, body positivity vlogger Meghan Tonjes blew us away with her video about fat shaming. Along with posting original music, cover songs, and updates about her healthy weight loss journey, Meghan isn’t afraid to use YouTube as a platform for social justice– and today’s upload will make you want to stand on your chair and start a slow clap.

In short, here’s the story: Meghan posted a picture of her butt– fully covered by underwear– to Instagram. Instagram decided that, among the thousands of photos of butts available on their app, Meghan’s needed to be removed for violating the rules against ‘mature content.’ She doesn’t believe that her picture violated their terms (because it didn’t) and she has a sneaking suspicion that this has more to do with her size. Blegh.

You can see the picture in her video, and it’s laughably tame. After briefly explaining that covered butts don’t constitute nudity, she goes on to explain why it’s total bullshit to act like all fat bodies are obscene. According to Meghan,

We live in a society where we call ‘mature content’ things that we’re uncomfortable with. That’s why people have an issue with women breastfeeding in public because we are taught that breasts are inherently sexual, that a body that is exposed is inherently sexual. And this relationship that we have with our bodies and sexuality is, in part, why things like rape culture exist.

Um, yep. Female bodies don’t exist for the purpose of arousing strangers, and the skin around someone’s ass is not pornography. It just isn’t. Thank goodness for people like Meghan who aren’t afraid to say so. In her immortal words, “I’m sorry that I make you uncomfortable. My body’s not an apology. I don’t really care.”

Photo via @meghantonjes