A few nights ago, Tone held a launch party for their brand-new blueberry flavored body wash, and I am instantly hooked.

tone-blueberry-body-washAside from getting to hang out with Amber, Felicia, Dina, Sarah, Carolyn, and all the rest of my beauty blogger best buds, we got to enjoy a menu – and an evening – based all around the concept of the blueberry. (You haven’t lived till you’ve enjoyed a cocktail based on a mixture of blueberries and Prosecco.)

But back to the body wash – I must confess I have been SNIFFING it in the shower just about as much as I use it. It just smells that good.

It’s going to launch into stores in June, and is full of Vitamin E, A, and (obvs), blueberry extract! It’s totally delicious – though I swear I haven’t actually eaten it. My skin, however, has absorbed it, and is in full antioxidant glory.

Image: Tone