One of the newest skin care companies to hit the world of beauty is IQQU Beauty by popular YouTube guru Michelle Phan. You might have heard of Michelle if you follow the popular make-up gurus on YouTube and she has a personal blog under the name RiceBunny.

(Image: IQQU Beauty / Michelle Phan)

(Image: IQQU Beauty / Michelle Phan)

IQQU was created and inspired by everyday people who were never happy with their skin care products.
The name IQQU means inspiration.
The letter I represents IQQU as a person. The dot as a head, and the long shaft as the body.
In ancient times, the letter Q use to represent a thread going through the eye of a needle, it symbolized sewing. This represents unity.
The letter U represents you!
So it means IQQU uniting with YOU to create the best skin care to fit your need.

The IQQU line is still in its infant stages but the products available right now look to be quite promising.

(Image: IQQU Beauty)

(Image: IQQU Beauty) IQQU Product Line

IQQU Skin Rejuvenator ($37) is a light-weight face moisturizer for day. It’s non-comedogenic, fragrance free and paraben free, too! All of us want skin that’s well hydrated and evenly toned and this Skin Rejuvenator promises to do just that. It also gives your skin an extra life and stimulates collagen production while protecting your skin from the sun.

Key Ingredients
Saccharide Isomerate– is a carbohydrate that acts as a highly effective moisture regulator resulting in long-lasting water retention in the skin.
Lycopene– is an antioxidant derived from tomatoes that helps improve the skin’s texture and provides natural SPF.
Retinol– a purified form of Vitamin A, which purportedly has rejuvenating and restoring effect of tired, sun damaged skin by stimulating production of collagen in the skin.
Ginseng– helps maintain the vitality, elasticity and relieve stress on skin.

If you check out Michelle Phan‘s make-up tutorials, she demonstrates how she uses these products as well as give you updates on upcoming product launches.  If you place an order today, you can save $3 on each product when you use the coupon code: grandopening upon check out.