ireland baldwin blue hair picture

Model Ireland Baldwin certainly isn’t following her dad’s example and biting the hand that feeds him “quitting” public life, so she’s happily keeping us abreast of all of her hair developments. It was only two weeks ago that Baldwin announced that she had dyed her hair purple, and being the big proponents of hair coloring that we are here at The Gloss, we loved it. Now, she’s gone and dyed her hair a shade of bright blue that is equally pleasing, and I just want to know what she’ll do next.

I love this dye job. I can’t decide if I like it better than the purple or not, and I’d imagine that by the time I finally figure it out, she’ll have gone green or striped or full on Skrillex, for all I know. I can’t keep up with these changing times.

My only concern here is that all of Baldwin’s hair is one strong gust of wind from completely falling out. It can’t be easy on her hair to go from platinum to purple to blue so quickly, and I would imagine that the bleaching involved is stressing her scalp out in a big way. Well, okay, now I’m a concern troll, which is among the internet personas that I hate most. But in this case, I cannot help it–I think her hair is really quite gorgeous and I don’t want to see it damaged. Look, I’m sorry for caring. I’m sorry for having a heart. I’m not made of stone. Somebody has to look out for her.

Photo: Instagram