If you felt at all weird before about creeping on the many Instagram selfies of Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger‘s quasi-famous daughter Ireland, worry no more: the 17-year-old celebrity kid has just signed a deal with IMG models. Soon, it will be her job to make sexyface for you.

The news comes, as much news does these days, via the teenager’s twitter account, where she writes: “Officially working for @TwoManagement and @IMGmodels! I’m blessed, happy, and ready to WEEEEERK.” I can only assume she was inspired to do this after sering how much her dad enjoys the spotlight.

This isn’t too surprising, as Ireland’s mom Kim Basinger signed with Ford Models when she was just 16, and in addition to the obvious appeal that comes with name recognition, she looks a good deal like her mother. Also, at a reported 6’2″, she is tall.


I don’t want to sound too concern-trolly here, but I do worry a little bit what the fashion industry will do to this kid, considering she has struggled with an eating disorder in the past and is now clinging to a strict regimen of diet and exercise in the way that many recovering people do. Some people think this is a healthy way to keep from binging, purging or starving, but I’ve heard many experts advise against it, at least in the short term. (Disclaimer: I am not, myself an expert.) She also has a tumblr where she dispenses diet and exercise advice to her young fans, and while it seems like she is healthy, she also says worrying things to people like “They are jealous of your self control and your healthier choices.”

Of course, it’s possible that everything will be fine and she will have a long and fruitful career full of glamor, fun, and personal fulfillment. But I also don’t think it’s too off-base to worry about what might happen when someone who has a history of disordered eating enters an industry that takes naturally thin people and puts them on diets.

(Via The New York Daily News)

Photo: Ireland Baldwin