Uh oh, everyone. There’s a young woman acting sexy on the loose and the Huffington Post is ON IT. Ireland Baldwin apparently posted some scantily-clad shots of herself on a photo shoot on her Instagram account this weekend and the paternalistic police had to jump right in!

I’m really annoyed by the language the site uses to talk about Ireland, who is a working professional model, not just some teenager taking bikini selfies in her bedroom. The headline? “Ireland Baldwin Is No Longer Daddy’s Little Girl In Fashion Shoot.” The photos are described as “pretty racy” and Ireland herself is described as a “leggy blonde” who “sure has grown up.” Apparently, all the HuffPo writer could find to say about the photos was “that’s a lot of skin.”


Cue panic! A young woman who happens to have famous parents is sharing photos of herself looking sexual! I, for one, am shocked that a woman would do such a thing, in a society that constantly sexualizes women. I mean, who the hell does she think she is? Someone with her own bodily agency? Someone who is getting paid to model clothing for a famous photographer?

It’s worth mentioning that I think Ireland’s photos are discussed this way primarily because of who her parents are. Would a headline that includes the words “No Longer Daddy’s Little Girl” be used to talk about an 18-year-old model who wasn’t the child of two celebrities? I sincerely doubt it. The way the HuffPo has chosen to cover Ireland’s photos is dismissive of Ireland’s own agency as a sexual being and as a working model. It’s also strikingly paternalistic and misogynistic. Truly, it’s no no wonder child stars have such a difficult transition into adulthood, when the media continues to infantilize and shame them for doing the very thing that society seems to expect of women.

Photos: Ireland Baldwin’s Instagram