Ladies, grasp your pearls: Kate Middleton’s twelfth cousin three times removed (just kidding, second cousin once removed), burlesque dancer Katrina Darling, has reportedly been asked to pose for Playboy. The news comes to us courtesy of Now magazine, which claims that “a source” has this to say:

enjoyed some success in the US following her burlesque performances and now she’s attracted the attention of Playboy.

‘She hasn’t agreed to do it yet, but it’d be hugely embarrassing for Kate.’

Hugely embarrassing, maybe, but also awesome, because as we’ve noted before, who doesn’t love a royal scandal? And doesn’t it seem like we’ve gone without for some time now? Yes. Yes, it does.

Darling, you’ll recall, does a performance called “God Save the Queen,” and also has bust out with some of the most impressive nail art we’ve seen in months. MONTHS.