And by “all they say it is” I mean “absolutely awful.”

My hairdresser left town, probably because she never really understood love or responsibilities to people. And, after that time in 7th grade when the hairdresser gave me a mullet, I’m pretty much terrified of going to hairdressers I don’t know, or haven’t been using for years. So I let my hair get to a really sexy Cousin Itt place because I wanted to make sure I could find the right hairdresser. A hairdresser who understood exactly what I meant when I said “just clean up the split ends.” And because Cousin Itt is awesome (I think it was the sunglasses).

But people pointed out that I needed a haircut. So, well, why not throw caution to the wind and go to Supercuts? (lots of reasons, but I got told I could expense it if I did).  Admittedly, the reviews with words like “butchers” and “hair on fire” sort of threw me. But once I got there I was pleased to see that it wasn’t run by weird voodoo hair collectors.

I guess it was a little disconcerting that the hairdresser was also the receptionist, so she did keep darting away periodically to answer calls.  I sort of like to think that hairdressing was the kind of art that you couldn’t just break away from, but I guess it doesn’t need to be. And, okay, the salon is not beautiful, and you’re going to have to deal with some hair clippings on the floor. But a haircut only costs $21.95, so you can probably take the money you saved and go someplace pretty, if that’s what you want. I don’t know where. A castle. A museum. The OTB. Wherever you’re happy.

But I think the oddest part wasn’t that the hairdresser at Supercuts didn’t do exactly what they wanted, but that she did DO exactly what I said. “Keep it all just one straight length across,” I said, and the hairdresser did so without any debate. Usually there’s a little back and forth about how “you might need one or two layers to lighten up your face” or “are you sure you don’t want to try something a bit different today?”  To which I always reply “no,” so that really did save a lot of time. Go Supercuts!

Was it the best haircut I’ve ever gotten? No. Was it the worst? Again, no, not by a long shot, it wasn’t a mullet. And I don’t look like Cousin Itt anymore, which is depressing, but probably good in the long run. If you’re in the market for something cheap, and you don’t need fancy (hah!) trimmings, and you want an incredibly basic haircut, it’s definitely worth stopping by. It’s not nearly as terrifying as they say it is.