Here at The Gloss, we write a lot about child bride Courtney Stodden.

Like, a lot. As in, nothing she does goes unnoticed by us. Not one jogging expedition, trip to the mall or recording of a single.

But did you know that in France, another Courtney Stodden has emerged, larva-like, from her gooey teenage egg, and is now making a huge splash in fashion? Her name is Zahia Dehar (Zahia: 1, Courtney: 0) and here’s her whole deal:

Dehar, who’s now 19, first hit the scene in 2010, when she was at the center of a prostitution scandal involving the French national team. It seems that Ms. Dehar slept with at least three players for the price of £2,000 a night before she turned 18, which is the legal age for prostitution in France.

You see the Dehar-Stodden connection so far, yes? In addition to the mounds of blonde hair and the natural breasts, there’s the lack of parental distress as a daughter is given away to the world at the tender age of 16-ish, and the extreme sexualization of an underage girl by a bunch of adults.

But while their stories line up until now, it’s here that Dehar and Stodden part ways. Rather than take the tried and true path and marry a washed-up actor more than twice her age, Dehar is set to launch her first couture lingerie line this afternoon in Paris. Fashion folk like François Tamarin, Bruno Legeron and Jean-Pierre Ollier helped her with the one-off pieces. And the man behind the camera for the lookbook accompanying her line is none other than our very own Karl Lagerfeld. [tagbox tag=”Courtney Stodden”]

So, Dehar is clearly being taken a bit more seriously than Stodden (unless our performance art theories are true, in which case Stodden is probably poised to become an international success). Is this how France responds to young women with whose sexuality it does not know what to do? Should we be taking a cue? Or do you just assume that Dehar is more gifted in her chosen field than Stodden is in music (although, if Stodden writes her own tweets, she’s actually a prolific and hilarious scribe)?

What do you think?