Whether you find yourself in Central Park listening to some mainstream band, out in Williamsburg listening to some obscure indie rock darlings, in Chicago next month for the Pitchfork Music Festival, or just plopped down on a grassy knoll listening to your kid brother’s high school band rock out, being prepared for hours in the sun isn’t always easy. Sure, outdoor shows this time of year are amazing, but the combination of the heat and humidity and people not taking care of themselves usually results in more than a few in the medical tent on the premises missing all the great music. Remember the Pitchfork Festival last year? They were dropping left and right like flies from heat exhaustion.

While staying safe health wise is important, since you are at a social engagement and part of you does want to find someone else who also thinks Port St. Willow’s newest album is the best, you also want to look good. It won’t be easy in this intense weather but a few little steps and a bit of planning should help in making you look like you just jumped out of the shower and are ready to take on the world.


Photo: The Glass Mall