Sometimes, stars dye their hair and you think “oh, okay, Lindsay Lohan has died her hair yet again.” It doesn’t really make any difference as to whether or not you can recognize them. I mean, Lindsay Lohan dyes her hair every few weeks, so she is a particularly easy one, but I think that’s true of a good handful of stars. However, when I saw that this woman had dyed her hair, I had absolutely no idea who is was (though the appearance of the guy in the chair next to her is kind of a tip off).

Ivanka trump brown hair

It’s Ivanka Trump. Sitting next to her brother, Eric Trump, who looks like a younger version of Donald.

It is weird the extent to which I have come to associate her with being a blonde goddess. However, when I first saw a picture of Ivanka with brown hair, I thought it was Sofia Vergara, so, she’s doing okay. She still looks fine, basically.

Though, I still think I like her blonde better, but I increasingly feel I just prefer people to have whatever hair color they are born with. I say that and in no way feel it contradicts my lifelong desire to have purple hair. But I think that’s the color my soul was born with, so it makes sense.

Picture via IvankaTrump Instagram