This drag queen transformation by Ivy Winters is absolutely amazing, and makes me feel terrible about myself.


Not because of anything to do with my feelings about drag queens (my feelings are, “They seem great”). I feel terrible because I have absolutely no ability to do my make-up nearly as well as this man. I really should. Society and every woman’s magazine has been telling me how to do my make-up for my whole life. People have been endlessly helpful in terms of, “Putting on make-up” and I am still vastly inferior.

I’ve got absolutely nothing on Ivy in that regard.

First of all, I’d never have the patience to spend 90 minutes doing my make-up. You do get less effective results when you have allotted approximately 8.5 minutes for everything, so that’s probably one factor in my not looking as cool as him.

But seriously. I still can’t even apply mascara without it running all over my face.

Dude, he gave himself entirely new eyebrows. He made his eyebrows disappear and then colored newer, exciting ones on. I can almost use an eyebrow pencil to make my normal eyebrows appear better, but honestly, even that is spotty.

The drag queen in the video notes that “we put on a face and make-up and hair to entertain people.” You know, I guess that is… really why most of us put on make-up, insofar as we put it on to give the people around us something snazzy to look at.

I wish I could give people something snazzier to look at, the way Ivy Winters does.