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A jade facial massager. Use daily for maximum benefit, treating face, throat and décolletage. Regular rolling, stimulates lymphatic drainage and by improving the circulation increasing the oxygen supply to the face, thus enhancing the general bloom and radiance.

Incorporating acupressure and massage principles, facial rolling will ensure a lean, re-contoured, wonderfully unlined face; thoroughly toned and with improved elasticity.

By generally speeding up the drainage system of the face, Yuroll™ reduces residual puffiness and any congestion caused by stagnation in the jawline, where toxins are liable to accumulate.

The cooling stone – which has a soothing effect on the nervous system and absorbs negative energy – will even skin tone and tighten pores. Yuroll™ really does help your face to help itself!

I wouldn’t mind a bit of this sort of luxury. A facial massager handmade out of jade, available in three sizes, which targets speciafic areas of the face. It’s actually popular in the fashion industry and among beauty pros, even top facialist Nichola Joss.

Not only is it promising a fresher and more radiant looking skin on the face, by absorbing negative energy that will even out skin tone and tighten pores, but it can be used to relieve congested sinuses, too.

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