Jamberry Disney Nail Wraps(Photo: Instagram/Jamberry)

If you are a proper Disney fan, you’ll know that watching the movies just isn’t enough. You want your entire life to have a bit of magic in it. You dream about having a fantastical Disney wedding, you pick your perfume according to your fave Disney character, and you want all of the fan merchandise. Of course, you have the stuffed animals, the t-shirts, and maybe even the Disney-themed sneakers, but what’s your Disney nail wrap collection like? Oh, you don’t have one? Well, don’t worry, because Jamberry has launched a new Disney nail wrap collection. *Cue happy singing birds and rainbows*

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There’s no need to attempt Disney nail art with your shaky hands. Simply apply these Disney nail wraps and your hands will look a little more magical. It doesn’t matter whether you love Minnie Mouse, Ariel from The Little Mermaid, or Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty, the Jamberry Disney nail wrap collection has a variety of different options featuring all of your favorite Disney characters.

The collection contains 21 different nail wraps. There are classic prints such as the black and white Minnie Mouse one, but there are also others that are so subtle that some people may not even realize that they’re Disney-themed at first glance, like a silver metallic nail wrap with roses (Beauty and the Beast, anyone?) and a blue metallic one with abstract outlines of Ariel. The Disney nail wraps are currently available on Jamberry’s website and each style sells for $18.

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Take a look at some of the nail wraps from the collection:

1. Love, Minnie Nail Wraps ($18, Jamberry)

Jamberry Love, Minnie Nail Wraps

If you aren’t wearing a Valentine’s Day manicure, stick these on your nails. The wraps are perfect for the romantic holiday, but they still work the rest of the year.

2. Fairytale Endings Nail Wraps ($18, Jamberry)

Jamberry Fairytale Endings Nail Wraps

These satin finish nail wraps are one of the subtler options in the capsule collection. They feature delicate pink filigree, silhouettes of Aurora and roses against a silver background.

3. Bow-Dacious Nail Wraps ($18, Jamberry)

Jamberry Bow-Dacious Nail Wraps

How’s this for a mixed Minnie mani? Try saying that five times fast. These two nail wrap styles feature classic Minnie Mouse print patterns that everyone will love.

4. Sapphire Sea Nail Wraps ($18, Jamberry)

Jamberry Sapphire Sea Nail Wraps

If you are the type of person who likes different coordinating prints, this nail wrap design is for you. It features three kinds of blue wraps based off of The Little Mermaid. The luster finish makes it look like you have the sea on your fingertips.

5. Color Me Mini Nail Wraps ($18, Jamberry)

Jamberry Color Me Minnie Nail Wraps

Here is a colorful update to the classic Minnie pattern. There’s no need to worry about using six different nail polish colors here.

Are you feeling the magic yet? If you’re a nail art lover and a massive Disney fan, this collection really is a dream come true. You might have wished upon a star for the collection to happen, but just note that instead of wishing for the collection to land in your lap, you should head over to the Jamberry website to get it before another keen Disney fan does.

The Jamberry Disney Nail Wrap collection is available to buy right now on the Jamberry website!

(Photos: Jamberry)