models trade

You know, unpaid interns aren’t the only ones who are upset about doing their jobs for no money. Many models get paid in trade (the clothes they wear on the runway) which, unfortunately, doesn’t go a long way in terms of covering your electrical bill. Casting director James Scully talked to Buzzfeed about how the practice undermines the industry – and means that we don’t have the cool supermodels that we had twenty years ago. He remarks:

People in fashion forget the big picture sometimes. These images go around the world for the average person to hopefully aspire to see themselves in and relate to a brand. Not as a testament to an editor’s credibility. As Kevin Krier used to say, “A great show with great models can mask a bad collection, but I think great clothes with a plain show and dead girls… what a waste.” And now everyone expects these girls to do shows for trade, and/or nothing, just for the caché of working with a great stylist who promises the moon and rarely delivers. If Linda Evangelista were still doing shows today, she would have to re-quote herself and now say, “I would not get out of bed for less than $10,000 worth of trade a day!”

I mean, there may be something snobbish or ridiculous about claiming you will not rise from your bed unless you’re getting paid and absurd sum of money, but there’s something tragic about getting out of your bed and putting in a full day’s work in exchange for some make-up and a hairstyle. Seriously. Let’s just start paying people for their work.

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