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Jamie Dornan has experimented with almost every sort of beard length from a five-day beard to super fuzzy, but there is one type of facial hair that we have yet to see him try until now: a mustache. Jamie showed off a new mustache while posing with a fan. Surprise! He looks like his usual hot self and makes a very strong case that every month should be Movember.

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In the Instagram pic, Jamie is posing next to a fan. He has his usual scruff going on but an unmistakable stache. It’s more painter hipster mustache compared to the 70s porn cop. The round sunglasses help complete the look. Jamie is in South Africa filming Jadotville so presumably the mustache is for the role. The stache is a very different look compared to the beard he sported while doing the Fifty Shades Of Grey red carpet tour:

Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan seen attending Fifty Shades of Grey' Fan First Screening at Ziegfeld Theatre in NYC

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It’s miles away from Christian Grey and his smooth face. I don’t think Christian would ever have a mustache, save for some porn remake of the film/books:

Christian Gray Top

It’s doubtful that there is any style of facial hair that Jamie couldn’t pull off. He could rock a chin strap or even a wizard beard with Christmas ornaments in it and he would still look very, very attractive. So, what look is your favorite? Mustache, beard or clean-shaven Christian, or you love them all and would still love Jamie if he showed up on the the red carpet with a bright turquoise beard?