liquid minerals

I was first turned onto jane iredale’s mineral makeup line by Christina. If Christina loved it, then surely it had to be something I needed to try.

When browsing jane iredale’s website, I came across Liquid Minerals. I was unsure exactly what it was, as I have never seen anything like it. It appeared to be little globlets of color floating in a gel.

When I received my Liquid Minerals (in Warm Sienna), I stared at it curiously. The bottle said it was foundation, but any mineral foundation I have ever used has been a dry powder.

So I pressed the pump to find minerals encapsulated in aloe vera gel. jane’s website says that two pumps on the back of your hand are enough to cover your entire face. She recommends using a foundation brush to apply it, but since I didn’t have one handy, I just used a sponge wedge.

I was surprised at how light this foundation felt and that there was no greasy or sticky residue feeling. With the gel, the mineral foundation spread evenly and easily.

The true excitement came when I realized that the Liquid Minerals absorbed into my skin. It didn’t rest on top, as normal liquid foundation does. My skin was dry to the touch and because it absorbed into my skin, it meant it wouldn’t rub off. How awesome is that? No more foundation on my husband’s shirt when I hug hug him or on my clothes for that matter.

Liquid Minerals is also skincare, so you are creating healthy skin each time you apply it.

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