Jane the Virgin

We loved Jane the Virgin long before Gina Rodriguez cried so hard when she won her Golden Globe that her fake eyelashes came off. The show is the perfect mix of sweet, fun and hilarious. Not to mention that it has great clothes and beauty looks. Jane Villaneuva has pretty preppy style and a flawless head of hair. You could watch an episode just to admire how beautiful Jane and her gorgeous curls are. That’s why we asked Michelle Rene Elam, the department head of hair on Jane the Virgin, for her tips and tricks on how we can copy Jane’s mane.

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Read on to find out how to get Gina Rodriguez’s look on Jane the Virgin:

The Gloss: What is the idea behind Jane’s hair? What is the look you are going for?

Michelle Rene Elam: Jane is whimsical and determined; her life is busy and ever changing so her hair reflects her path. It is vibrant, shiny, and freely moves yet maintains shape and style.

TG: What are the most important products to get Jane’s look?

MRE: It’s is so important to have healthy, protected from the elements hair, to create great styles. To get Jane’s look, use an end protector like evo End Doctor Smoothing Sealant and the CHI 44 Iron Guard Thermal Protection Spray to provide solid protection and all day hold for the luscious waves she sports. Then use a dollop of White Sands Orchids Oil to seal, de-frizz, and create amazing shine.

TG: How has Jane’s hair changed from season one to two?

MRE: Jane’s life is changing with a having baby, going back to school, and pursuing a writing career. We try to keep her hair out of her face for busy days sporting braids and ponytails yet evolving to slightly more professional looks. Her look is still wearing her hair down with soft billows of waves, but a little less messy. However we still rarely run a brush through her hair, mostly just a whip through with the fingers.

TG: What’s the trick to getting shiny, frizz-free locks like Jane?

MRE: To get shiny, frizz-free locks like Jane, you need the right products. Hair is free and fierce at times needing a little control. A good blow dry is important using end protector just on ends like evo End Doctor Smoothing Sealant or White Sands The Cure 24/7 Hair Cell Renewal. Then use a protector sealer for the iron. I like White Sands Liquid Texture or CHI Iron Works and then a dollop of White Sands Orchids Oil to seal in the whole look and completed with shine.

TG: What’s it like working with Gina? Does she give input on the hairstyles?

MRE: Working with Gina Rodriguez is like hanging with a best friend whom is hilarious, fascinating, and inspiring. She’s everything in one cute little package. We often design her hairstyles together however she mostly loves to relax in the chair, work on her lines and let me create away.

(GIF: Tumblr)