Ombré messiah Jared Leto might not be Jesus, but he sure looks like him. Well, probably not. But he does bear a striking resemblance to the way people like to draw Jesus, with his bright blue eyes and flowing blondish-brown hair. Jared Leto doesn’t look like Jesus, but people really like to draw Jesus to look like Jared Leto.

This guy will totes make you a fisher of men:


Leto posted the above comparison to Instagram, apparently finding a kinship with the watercolor Christ’s ombre hair and piercing blue eyes, but he also appeared to be really concerned that people would think he was comparing himself to Jesus.

“Haaaa! Fashion may go out of style but style never goes out of fashion. #ClassicLooks #FashionForward#ThanksJC #NotComparingToChrist xo,” he wrote, inventing the #NotComparingToChrist hashtag, which we did not realize needed to exist.

Leto might say he’s not comparing himself to Jesus, but we think Jesus would totally invent unnecessary hashtags to avoid getting yelled at by extremely religious people who were offended by stuff on Jesus’ Instagram account. Keeping the peace is pretty Christlike, and you just know Jesus would have taken an awesome selfie.

Hmmm. Jordan Catalano does have the same initials. But does that mean Jennifer Lawrence is the antichrist? She is Leto’s most recent celebrity antagonist.

(Photo: Instagram/JaredLeto, WENN)