Meet Jasmine Tridevil, The Woman Who Got A Third Breast Added So She Can Get A Reality Show

Photo: Twitter

[Update: There’s now an awkward video Jasmine flashing a reporter, so if you’re interested in that, tada!]

Remember that three-boob shirt that Rumer Willis wore a few months back for a Free The Nipple campaign fundraiser? It was a cool shirt, but it certainly wasn’t the real thing. Oh, did you not know somebody has the real thing? My friends, meet Jasmine Tridevil, a young woman from Florida who has three breasts–two natural, one not-so-natural.

Jasmine, a 21-year-old massage therapist, reportedly had to consult over 50 doctors in order to find one who would perform such an unconventional surgery. The procedure “involved taking skin tissue from her abdomen and adding a silicon implant,” plus a tattooed areola onto the breast for, er, authenticity. The whole thing cost about $20,000, but that’s a small price to pay for the effect Jasmine is going for: her whole reason for altering her body this way is to make men find her unattractive.

Meet Jasmine Tridevil, The Woman Who Got A Third Breast Added So She Can Get A Reality Show

Photo: Instagram

In a radio interview, Jasmine explains that she got the procedure a few months back by a doctor who required that she sign a non-disclosure agreement because it’s apparently “against the code of ethics” for them. Here’s why she says she did it:

“I got the surgery in order to make myself unattractive to men. … Because I don’t wanna date anymore.”

That’s all well and good–honestly, do what you want and look how you want, provided you’re not hurting yourself! What makes me a little sad in the interview is that she calls herself “crazy” (and then insists that because she “knows” she’s crazy, she’s not crazy) and says her family won’t even speak to her. And the mysterious “reason” she doesn’t want to date anymore makes me a little nervous because it sounded like there’s something dark that she may be dealing with via expensive surgeries rather than getting help. Plus, she’s spending all of her money in an effort to make an MTV reality show–she even hired a camera crew to follow her around. Then again, there are many lengths people go to so they can achieve the body they want, and as long as she’s doing it safely, it’s difficult to judge.

She also details her highly-strange devotion for magician/human mesh shirt Criss Angel, but let’s just pretend that that never happened. It’s honestly hard to tell why she’s doing what she’s doing, but at the very least, it is one of the most fascinating plastic surgery stories we’ve heard in a long time.

Oh, and here’s some proof this isn’t just a bizarre photoshop job:


[h/t NY Mag]