Everybody loves Andrej Pejic, but no one loves him as much as the great Jean Paul Gaultier. Gaultier has turned out to be a remarkably loyal client, as he just can’t stop employing him: Pejic scored his first major beauty campaign for the designer’s upcoming fragrance, in addition to a recent womenswear turn. Fashionista asked Gaultier about Pejic and he had this confounding, delightful report:

What I should say is that he has a role—an important role because it’s like a threesome, three people—he is one of the three. He is quite beautiful and incredible. I think he has something, like, everybody can recognize his beauty. It must be male, but not straight male, it can be women even find him beautiful and it can be gay men, but gay men maybe they don’t find this… (laughs, trails off). But in reality, he’s like, what can we say, like, a modern woman boy of today. He’s not like the old type of let’s say, maybe like a drag queen or a transvestite, not at all. He’s Andrej.

“He’s not a drag queen… he’s Andrej” is a slogan we can get behind. Or maybe we prefer, “Andrej Pejic is like a threesome.”

(Photo via Getty)