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Jelly has been having a moment. It has been showing up in cleansers, moisturizers, masks, bath products and even highlighters. If you think that we’ve covered all the bases, there was still one area that was missing out: Manicures. Of course manicurists weren’t going to leave nails out of the loop which is why jelly nails are gaining popularity.

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If you’re concerned that jelly nails leave nails with a slimy coating of nail polish, you can relax because it’s nothing like that. The nails are inspired by jelly jewelry and use translucent acrylic nails to create a jelly effect. The acrylic nails are often extra long, extending a half an inch or more beyond the nail, so they showcase the actual nail and pick up the light through the extension.

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To really take the jelly theme home, the most popular looks feature bold, juicy colors like orange, hot pink, yellow, vivid blue and red. Some then take the look up a notch by adding chunky sparkles or a glitter topcoat to mimic the fancier jelly jewelry of the 1990s and 2000s.

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Achieving the look without acrylic nails isn’t going to produce the same effect, but you could attempt to get a jelly finish on the nails by applying one very thin coat of nail polish so part of the natural nail shows through. It’ll still be your call if you want to add sparkles or not.