Look, I’ve seen Friends. I know there were times when Jennifer Aniston was funny. She’s amazingly charming all through Friends. I have laughed at things her character did on the show! But maybe that was just the writing and the strength of the other cast members, and something about the time period? And the haircut?

Because, when I watch her in ads like this one I realize that she is really, terribly, terribly unfunny.


Something about this whole thing makes me feel unsettled and sad. It’s the opposite side of the funny coin, where someone is doing something that makes you cringe on their behalf. It seems like Jennifer Aniston trying to do an imitation of some neurotic lady highly strung lady who reminds me of Julia Roberts specifically when Julia Roberts was in that Woody Allen movie.

But I thought to myself, ‘there have been movies Jennifer Aniston has been quite funny in, right? You can think of some of those movies.” I’m sorry. My brain just got stuck on that terrible thing with Adam Sandler, Just Go With It. I could never just go with it. The last movie I thought Jennifer Aniston was really great in was The Good Girl which was… a very, very unfunny movie. I think it was still billed as a comedy, but that was wrong. People were wrong about that.

Maybe Jennifer Aniston could try doing serious movies? Maybe that would be preferable to doing deeply jittery uncomfortable advertisements in the UK? Just throwing that up as a potential option. Unless, of course, you think she’s a great comedian and I am just missing something, here, which I might be.

– via Buzzfeed