"Life Of Crime" Press Conference - 2013 Toronto International Film Festival

Apparently there was a big rumor going around town that Jennifer Aniston shaved her head to show support for a niece battling cancer, but it was all revealed to be a big hoax, going back to April Fools Day. Wow, they really got us?

Somewhere in the depths of the internet, maniacal pranksters were starting whispered rumors that Aniston’s little niece (does she exist? I don’t know) starting losing her hair, and began to have issues with self confidence. Aniston, ever the gracious, selfless hair-haver, said “This Christmas I’ll be her mirror,” which doesn’t even make sense. Allegedly, “I’ll be her mirror” means “I’ll shave my head,” and we’re all supposed to freak out. Cool story, bro.

The rumor even came with a doctored up photo of Aniston with a shaved head, which means that somebody spent time over the holidays Photoshopping a bald cap onto Aniston’s head. Yikes. The holidays are hard, buddy, but there must be something better to do than that. ABC Family marathon? Volunteering at a soup kitchen? Literally anything but starting internet rumors?

I’m not sure that I’ll ever understand the appeal of internet rumors about celebrities. I don’t get why internet denizens repeatedly kill celebrities, who begrudgingly tweet “Hey, I’m still alive” when they wake up to mass mourning and Facebook memorials). I suppose they get off on the power of having a captive audience, and no one is more captive than when you’re either killing or shaving the heads of beloved stars. But couldn’t you just get a rush doing something else? Have you tried rock climbing?

Nobody cares if Aniston shaved her head, and while it’s a cute (ish?) story, I mostly just feel bad for the people who had so much time over the holidays that this is how they spent their time.

Photo: Getty Images