Jennifer Aniston 040414Celebrities aren’t like us. If we can gain or lose a few pounds, it’s not a momentous occasion, and we don’t have massive post-baby look-at-my-body photo shoots. And we are never called “brave” for leaving the house without wearing any makeup. For Jennifer Aniston‘s new movie, Cake, she wants you to know that she was really fearless and gained weight and went without makeup for the role. Everyone slow clap now.

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At a screening of Cake in LA, Jennifer told her Horrible Bosses costar Jason Bateman about how she transformed herself for the role. Jennifer plays Claire, a women who gets into a relationship with a woman’s husband from her chronic pain support group. For the role, Jennifer had to put on weight and didn’t wear any makeup. (It’s even a fun trivia fact on the movie’s IMDb page). According to Us Weekly, Jen told fans that she gained a few pounds by not working out, and not being as restrictive about her diet, but don’t worry, she didn’t go eating donuts every single day:

“I basically just didn’t work out for two-and-a-half months. I stopped working out and I stopped being as careful about my diet as I normally am. I was still healthy, but I’d allow more.”

As for her no makeup look, Jennifer said she found it “refreshing” and it came “with a level of fearlessness.” She has previously described it as “so dreamy and empowering and liberating.” The only makeup she needed was a bit of shadow under her eyes to enhance her dark circles, and fake scars were added.

It’s great that Jen enjoyed the makeup-free look and felt confident about changing he body for the role, but the above photo of her on set hardly makes it look like it was some grueling transformation where she completely altered herself. Most people would be perfectly happy to look like a makeup-free, “bigger” Jennifer. Perhaps she’s emphasizing her transformation in hopes of boosting her chances for an Oscar nomination, but making a big deal about being brave and feeling liberated for not wearing makeup and for putting on a bit of weight that you can’t even notice, isn’t the best way to do it. And it’s not the best way to empower others.

(Photo: WENN)