Jennifer Aniston's haircut was called "The Rachel"

Getting high before using scissors around a person’s head doesn’t sound like the best idea ever, and we’d generally be reluctant to let someone snip that close to our ears while stoned, but Jennifer Aniston‘s stylist says that’s how “The Rachel” came to be.

Aniston may say she now thinks The Rachel was the ugliest haircut she’s ever had, but that look was the biggest hair trend of the 90s. If you were over 12 years old during that decade, chances are good that you or someone you knew wore The Rachel at some point, or a cut that came as close to The Rachel as your local stylist could get. But now not only has Aniston disavowed the layered, shoulder-length cut, her stylist insists he was totally stoned when he came up with it.

Chris McMillan has been Aniston’s stylist since the Friends days, and he told Women’s Wear Daily that he was really high when he gave Aniston The Rachel back in 1994.

“I’m 14 years sober, so I feel safe enough to say that,” he said.

It was a crazy successful haircut, though. Nearly 20 years later we still want to talk about it, which is convenient for Aniston and McMillan, who are promoting Living Proof, a new hair-care company that Aniston bought into in October.

Given how popular that cut was, their pooh-poohing of The Rachel just seems like back-door bragging at this point: “Oh, look at this terrible haircut we made that every man, woman, and child in America wore for a whole decade. We totally weren’t even trying.”

Via NY Daily News/Photo: WENN