jennifer lawrence christian baleConsidering how much time Jennifer Lawrence has spent critiquing society’s absurd requirements for thinness, we were pretty surprised to hear that she said she was disappointed to make out with Christian Bale in American Hustle because he’d gotten too fat.

Bale put on a bunch of weight for his role, and he also wound up with a horrifying comb-over. According to director David O. Russell, Lawrence told him that she was disappointed that the famously hot actor she would be making out with was less conventionally attractive than usual.

“‘I finally get to make out with Christian Bale and he’s a really fat guy,'” Russell told Us Weekly Jennifer Lawrence said to him.

She reportedly also said, “He’s Fatman, not Batman.” Ouch. And people made the same “Fatgirl” joke when Alicia Silverstone was cast as Batgirl in Batman & Robin.

The quote comes secondhand through Russell and not from Jennifer Lawrence herself, but we can’t imagine he’d just make that up about his Oscar-winning star. While we’re sure she was joking around–and honestly the idea of having to make out with a coworker in front of one’s boss and a whole camera crew always seems like it would be more awkward than hot–that’s still not an OK thing to say. With everything Jennifer Lawrence has said against thinness pressure and getting called fat and told to lose weight, we’re sure she knows that.

People are attracted to different things, and that’s totally fine. But even if one’s tastes run towards the conventionally attractive, there is really no reason to go around proclaiming that one does not want to make out with heavier people or particularly thin people or short people or people with certain kinds of hair, and no way to do so without sounding like a jerk.