Jennifer Lawrence has occasionally referenced her days as a teen model in interviews, usually in a self-deprecating fashion. “I did stuff for Abercrombie & Fitch, but you’d never know because none of my pictures ever got released,” she recently told Conan O’Brien. “I realized that they were model footballing and I was really playing football.” Now, some of her early modeling photos have resurfaced (not those ones, unfortunately) and it turns out that, duh, Jennifer Lawrence took some perfectly lovely pictures when not being asked to fake playing a sport.

Once upon a time in her native Kentucky, J-Law posed for a series of sexy pictures for Louisville photographer Chris Kaufman, who was also her talent agent back then. Although Kaufman (or whoever art directed the shoot) had a strange fondness for silly-looking hats, the young Ms. Lawrence gave excellent face to the camera, whether she was rising up out of the water like a sexy elemental nature spirit, writhing in a bikini and hat in a barn, or pretending to be a sexy country farm girl. “When I first took her picture I was thinking she moved like Gisele,” says Kaufman of the graceful A-list actress. “It was like, ‘where did you get this ability?’ You’re looking at someone who’s very comfortable in her own skin, she’s just absolutely fearless.” Fearless enough to give blue steel while wearing a Blossom hat!

And if these aren’t enough foxy, awkward Jennifer Lawrence modeling photos for you (of course they are not), The New York Daily News has gotten a hold of more of them. This substantial collection contains such gems as “J-Law making an adorably goofy face,” “J-Law looking vaguely like a fascist,” and “J-Law dressed like a bride who drowned, for art.” There’s also this one, where she appears to know that her hat is ridiculous, and these, where she seems to have acquiesced to the fact that ridiculous hats are just how it’s going to be for the foreseeable future.

Now, if anyone can track down those Abercrombie outtakes where she is playing the wrong kind of football, the Jennifer Lawrence fan club will die of its love for her.

(Via Styleite)