Jennifer Lawrence strikes again with her particular brand of outspoken, slightly inappropriate humor! This time, she talked about her “armpit vagina” at the SAG Awards and I’m of two minds about her comments.

Here, watch the video of the interview over at E!. After being complimented on her look by Guiliana Rancic, she said:

“I know, I have armpit fat. It’s ok, though. It’s armpit vaginas. It’s awful!…To see myself in all these camera, this is horrible! I need to get like horse shaders.”

Guiliana Rancic seemed perturbed and of course, instantly—rightfully—denied that J.Law had a vagina in her armpit. Then, weirdly, she joined in on the self body-snark, which created an awkward moment where two beautiful famous women publicly picked apart their own bodies on national television.

Half of me is like, “Hey J.Law, maybe an awards show where you’re nominated isn’t the best place to be so self-deprecating. After all, you are a hugely successful famous actress. Are we really to believe you think you have real, actual armpit fat?! Is this really the appropriate venue to body-snark, even if it’s on yourself? WOULD KATNISS DO THIS?!”

Is body-snarking somehow more ok, or more accepted, if it’s towards yourself? I’d argue that it is, but I wouldn’t argue that that’s at all ok. I don’t know, perhaps Jennifer’s deflection of Guiliana’s compliment is tied up in how we’re taught to take compliments in our culture, especially as women. It’s not enough to graciously say “Thank you!”…we have to deny that we look good or feel good or worked hard or that we deserve what we have, because that’s what nice, humble women do. Or maybe it’s because Jennifer wants to continue her reign as America’s sweetheart, the laid-back chill girl who can joke about her flaws even though she’s wearing a Dior dress on the red carpet and being interviewed about a prestigious acting award. Of course, I think that by now, Jennifer Lawrence should know how to graciously accept a compliment, considering she’s been showered in praise by both the media and industry insiders for a few years.

Engaging in self-criticism of your own body on a red carpet is kind of….tacky. And very possibly disingenuous. But on the other hand, nothing J. Law ever says really comes off as disingenuous to me. Remember her whole butt plug thing? I just feel like girl is for real. Like, if I met her in a Target dressing room and I asked her opinion on a dress, I know she would give it to me straight, you know? J.Law would let me know if the dress looked good on me or not, I know it.

Even though I feel like J.Law’s comments were a little tacky and that they also set a weird example for women, I still appreciate how unedited she is. Can you ever imagine any other actress saying anything remotely like “armpit vagina” on the red carpet? I can’t. Also, while I refuse to believe that the lovely J.Law actually has “armpit vagina,” I totally know what she means about armpit vagina.

And you do, too! It IS something I think women often worry about when wearing strapless or strappy dresses. So, part of me applauds Jennifer for just being real and saying what she’s thinking, even her self-snark does seem at odds with the many body-positive comments she’s made in the past. I also like that she commented about how strange it is to see herself in so many cameras on the red carpet. That ish must be surreal as hell, even when you’re going to an awards show every few days (and have been going for a few years AHEM Best Actress Oscar winner).

Also, here’s an adorable photo of J. Law and Cuba Gooding Jr being adorable because A) Who knew they knew each other? B) This looks fun as shit C) Cuba is still the man.


Photos: WireImage via Getty Images