american idol judges on 80s night

It’s been a weird ride, watching former fashion icon Jennifer Lopez go from glamour and sophistication to someone-who-wears-head-to-toe-neon-pink, but we’ve enjoyed every confusing second of it. I’m not even being facetious when I say that I like her awkward, messy new look. This woman is multitalented, hugely successful, beautiful, and making a hell of a lot more money than any of us are, and she deserves the freedom to spice up her style any way she wants. Even if she ends up looking like… this.

jennifer lopez with 80s makeup

The world’s crazy hair made its debut during this week’s American Idol episode that centered around hits from the ’80s. JLo decided to jump head-first into the theme, and the results were equal parts cute and WTF. She kind of looks like a younger Paula Abdul who got her hair stuck in a Weed Whacker. Or the brunette Barbie at the bottom of the tupperware container that a bunch of third graders tried to give a haircut. Or me, during my ninth grade phase with scrunching gel.

jennifer lopez with 80s hair

And if the hair weren’t enough– which trust me, it is– the makeup definitely adds something to the whole experience. I haven’t seen that much cobalt eyeshadow since the Baby-sitters Club movie, and her blush looks like it’s trying to take over the world. Also, it’s a straight-up miracle that she was able to wear that much lipgloss without getting huge chunks of hair stuck to her mouth. I’d have to spend the whole night with my hands cupped around my lips to prevent disaster. Like I said, she’s multitalented.

Keep up the good interesting work, JLo. We can’t look away.

Photos: American Idol on FOX