Jennifer Love Hewitt Unveiling Pampers  "Love Sleep & Play" Campaign

Jennifer Love Hewitt, outspoken vajazzler and body positivity waffler, is currently pregnant with her first child. She has, naturally, parlayed that pregnancy into some sort of spokesperson duties for Pampers, because she stopped by the “unveiling” of the new campaign in New York last night.

The real unveiling, though, involved her dramatically different new look:

Jennifer Love Hewitt Unveiling Pampers  "Love Sleep & Play" CampaignIn our opinion, her haircut is very nice and it suits her–though it’s a pretty staggering change from the big cheesy extension-heavy waves and false eyelashes of yesteryear. The update is at once more sophisticated and more youthful.

As for the outfit, pregnant women can do what they want on red carpets. They get a hard B just for showing up.

(Photos via Wenn)