A composite image meant to represent Jennifer Love Hewitt

Jennifer Love Hewitt has a couple modes: One is talking about her weight, the other is talking about her vagina. Both keep her in the press in some marginal capacity. Today, she’s talking about her vagina: while promoting The Client List at the A&E upfronts, someone asked if there was any vajazzling afoot under her Alexander McQueen dress, which she affirmed with, “It’s a special occasion.”

To be fair, she was asked about it. To be less fair, she could have just said, “I don’t feel like discussing the goings-on of my vagina with you, stranger-with-recording-device.”

Every single time this comes up, however, we think exactly one thing: Does this actually happen? We’ve successfully filed “vajazzling” away in some dark cabinet of the mind and convinced ourselves no one actually does this and even Jennifer Love Hewitt is lying because she just wants to attach her name to a robust search term. There’s no way, right?

(NY Daily News)