1x18-Fancyman-Part-2-new-girl-30241987-1280-720As the makeup artist on the set of FOX’s New Girl, Jorjee Douglass is blessed with some exceptional rare materials on which to practice her craft. Namely: Zooey Deschanel‘s massive manic pixie eyes, perfectly pouty lips, and flawless porcelain skin. It’s certainly not the worst gig for a makeup artist.

Even with such incredible beauty, Douglass does an exceptional job on Jessica Day’s look week after week. Her slightly smoky cat eye, blush, and array of vibrant lip colors are always on point, and always the object of my envy. So one day a couple months back, while re-watching the first three seasons for something like the ninth time, I decided I couldn’t take it anymore. I had to know how Zooey‘s lips looked so full but not too full, matte but still a bit shiny, bright but not too bright. They were perfection. So I did some searching, found Jorjee’s name, and contacted her on the world’s most magical means of communication: Twitter.

new girl makeup artist tweetA few weeks later, this makeup goddess graced me with an unexpected but welcome response.
new girl makeup artist tweet 2You can see how thrilled I was. I mean, I was about to become Jessica Day. I had never heard of Illuminaré, but what did that matter? Now, armed with this knowledge, I could go out into the world channeling the spirit of Jessica Day, and probably looking exactly like one of the most beautiful women in the world. Oh happy day!

At least I was keeping my expectations under control.

It turns out that Illuminaré Cosmetics is a California-based brand founded by esthetician Ruthie Malloy, who calls Illuminaré “the world’s first line of liquid mineral makeup.” She started out with mineral face powder and went from there. And let me tell you, after trying the Illuminaré AllDay Mineral Lip Color, I will almost certainly be placing another order and trying some of their other products. All jokes aside, this product is exceptional. illuminaire all day lip color joyThe product itself and the applicator make it look like a gloss, but the effect is more like a lipstick. There is a crazy amount of pigment in a very small amount of product, which I absolutely love. It goes on smooth, and after a minute you will forget it’s there because it isn’t thick and sticky like a traditional gloss. It gives you a look that is mostly matte but shines in the right light. As for whether I look like Jessica Day….you be the judge.
jess-new-girl-hairI figured I should recreate an iconic moment so you could see our striking resemblance.

jess new girl dressTwins, am I right? I also applied some gold shadow on my lids, black liquid liner, plum shadow on my lower lashline, and pink blush on my cheeks to complete the Jess Day effect. jess new girl makeup hairIlluminare, let’s take this outside. In this light it looks somewhat darker and more matte than it did inside, and I am completely happy with the look either way. To be honest, I have worn this lip color almost every day since I got it. jess new girl makeup artistI mean…you see how happy it makes me. jess new girl glosSo what do you think? Do I look anything like Zooey as Jess?