Jessica Lange as the new face for Marc Jacobs Beauty

If you pay any remote attention to fashion, you just have to accept that sometimes, it does not make sense. In fact, its trends, heroes and shows are often too bizarre for even the most pretentious Sarah Lawrence philosophy major to analyze, and I suspect the only people who actually believe they comprehend it in its entirety are 15-year-old Tumblr stars whose usernames contain late 90s years that make us all feel elderly. But then once in a while, it does something so wonderfully right, you simply cannot help but smile and nod your head in agreement. This time, that excellent thing is Jessica Lange being named the face of Marc Jacobs Beauty.

Lange was already a well-respected actor when she joined the cast of American Horror Story a few years ago, but her diverse roles spanning all three seasons combined with the amount of depth she brought each character made a whole new demographic fall head over heels in love with her. When Marc Jacobs Beauty announced on Instagram that Lange is its new face via a campaign shot by David Sims, every fan including myself simultaneously went, “Well, duh.” Of course, it is not a “duh” situation; there are pretty obvious reasons a woman such as Lange would not be chosen.

With regard to bone structure, Lange is by no means out-of-the-ordinary: she has high cheekbones, relatively symmetrical facial features, large eyes, arched brows, a sharp jawline and a thin neck. But everyone know that being over, say, 25 tends to disqualify you for a great deal of modeling jobs, as everything is about youth, youth, youth, and Lange is 64 years old. By becoming the face of a brand–and thereby being photographed up-close, where cameras catch every wrinkle, hair and spot–she is breaking boundaries on how women are portrayed and, perhaps equally important, by whom.

This declaration comes just a minute after 68-year-old Charlotte Rampling was announced as the face for NARS Cosmetics, and not long after 62-year-old Jacky O’Shaughnessy became an official lingerie model for American Apparel after being a regular one for the brand since 2012. At first, I think we were all a little cautious about the reasons behind companies hiring models over, say, 35 to do their campaigns because they could just be publicity stunts despite the women in them looking amazing. And yet, given how many seem to be jumping on this train, I think we are finally stepping in a positive direction regarding ageism in the industry. High five, fashion people. Let’s be friends today.