Usually when gossip weeklies report celebrity bombshells, we take them with a grain of salt (how many times has Kate Middleton been pregnant this year, Star?) but Us Weekly is different… they’re fist-deep in every publicist in Hollywood and tend to report celebrity stories pretty accurately (in return for all those flattering pool-side puff pieces). Which is why we believe them when they say Jessica Simpson is again pregnant.

Oh, we also believe them because Jessica Simpson is a gigantic, unrepentant fameball who’ll do anything for a few magazine covers and an endorsement deal. Now that she’s hit her goal weight with Weight Watchers, it’s time to get pregnant and do it all over again. They’ve already launched a maternity collection and leaked her super secret diet–they’ve milked this thing for all it’s worth.

The source tells Us it wasn’t planned, but we imagine that’d make it pretty hard to draw up all the licensing paperwork. Smart money says they’ve already hired a baby photographer for that crucial first cover shoot.