A very pregnant Jessica Simpson has just signed a deal with Weight Watchers reported to be worth a cool $3 million. No real details of what the ad campaign will entail have been revealed yet, but I’m guessing it will emphasize the importance of getting thin as quickly as possible once you’ve had your baby. Baby classes? Feh, send the servants. You are going to pilates class. Diet that postpartum depression away!

From Jessica Simpson’s point of view, this seems like a fairly appealing prospect. Sure, she might end up spending time at the gym that she should maybe be spending with her newborn child, but diamond studded pacifiers don’t pay for themselves, and that tween clothing line may or may not pan out.  I’m fairly confident Ms. Simpson has the resources to make losing weight her full time job while still taking proper care of her baby. (And/or paying people to do so.)

From everyone else’s point of view, it’s mildly obnoxious. With all the concerns that come along with being a new parent, it seems kind of shitty to have to start thinking about going on a diet before you’ve even popped the creature out. Pregnancy is the one time in an American woman’s life when she’s not constantly bombarded with messages that her body isn’t good enough the way it is; does the diet industry need to invade that space, too? Can’t the pregnant women of the world enjoy their pickle chip sundaes in peace? Let us not take that away from them.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)